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Having the inside scoop.

California Mortgage Broker since 2004.

Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) since 2007.

Real Estate professionals.



Bro-Deals acts as a conduit between users of capital and providers of capital.  Real estate investors value our ability to custom-tailor closings that deliver the smartest money at a low cost.

Bro-Deals represents your financing request to the capital markets.  We employ a methodology through which we clarify client needs, underwrite property economics to pinpoint potential loan amounts, terms and mitigation of lender risk, identify financing alternatives, and define an optimal financing strategy.  By matching underwriting criteria and borrower objectives with lenders whose current financing programs best match the request, we lead our clients to the most competitive capital available.  We proactively manage the financing at every step, from the completion of offering materials, submission to the capital markets, and negotiation of financing proposals, coordination of the due diligence, commitment and closing of the transaction.